This Performance Art was exhibited in conjunction with Notthatbalai events in 2007 at Bukit Nenas K.L. The events title is SAMA - SAMA.

Title : KERAjaan
Duration : 4 Minutes

  1. Mohamad Hafiz bin Yahaya 
  2. Yuhanis bin Ibrahim 
  3. Mohd Fairul Rizam bin Haron
  4. Ahmad Fauzi bin Amir Hamzah
  5. Hairi bin Hassan 


The GOVERNMENT is trying to tell about what if the fellow human beings both want something that may be very important to them, namely power. This work tells how a human being is able to behave like an ape (jumping around) if he wants something. In the beginning maybe they will be good at achieving the goal together but will be going to stab the people around to head towards the goal individually.

The white chair is symbolized as a power that is initially holy and clean. Power is important in human life because it is the responsibility of every human being to control and govern their lives. But once the feeling of greed begins to poison human lust, it begins to turn into something dirty and disgusting like a chair that has been dirty and damaged after a fight between greedy ‘monkeys’.

This work plays out a show that shows a negative attitude to the audience so that everyone equally thinks about the consequences of behaving in such a way. This work takes the concept of a seat grabbing game accompanied by music, where each one of the participants will come out after the available seats start to be reduced. For this work, only one chair is used to show a sacred power that will be seized by the 'monkeys' to fulfill the dream of building his own kingdom.

The time for this performance is 4 minutes accompanied by music. The equipment to be used is a music player, white chairs, masks, and corporate-style clothing. The place where this performance takes place does not matter where it is because it will be performed in the middle of a group of spectators.