Film Title : UNBOXING
Director : Mohamad Hafiz Yahaya
Duration : 5m 22s
Screening Format : mp4
Year : 2021


In this era of digital transformation, it is important for us to understand business, constantly analyze data and trends to understand customer journeys and apply online strategies accordingly. Now customers tend to buy goods online. Buying and selling activities change from an offline store (physically) to an online purchase (online store). This process changes the usual norm where the interaction of the buyer with the product to be purchased no longer takes place in the store but takes place in the house. Buyers cannot look closely and cannot touch the product to be purchased. This makes the buyer's interaction with the purchased product only valid after the product arrives at home. One of the ways to satisfy buyers is to produce ‘unboxing’ videos that can provide an experience for buyers to see and evaluate a product before deciding to buy. The magic of watching unboxing videos is starting to become a trend for buyers as it helps buyers decide to buy the item.

Unboxing video is a marketing method that has become the latest trend. It becomes a component of marketing as well as it is also a great way to increase brand awareness and showcase products. Consumers want an experience from an online retailer that is similar to what they get from a retailer in -store physically. Brands will not be able to create a great customer experience online if they still rely on old methods. Some consider the popularity of unboxing to be due to the ability to show the product accurately without any of the advertisers typically used to market the product. Unboxing can contribute to the decision -making process by the buyer. A number of users have tried to make this unboxing more attractive by adding special effects or doing it in different ways to attract buyers.

Unboxing TRAILER


What You See Is Not What You Know

Artist : Mohamad Hafiz Yahaya
Artwork Title: What You See Is Not What You Know
Medium: Digital Print on Canvas
Size: 62.5cm x 90cm
Year : 2021

Artist Statements.

Visual is something such as a picture, photograph, or a film used to give a particular result or to explain something. In Art, visuals play an important role because visuals convey the feelings and ideas of the artist towards his work. Over the years, people are always trying to make the environment beautiful. This activity gives peace to human beings. This is called "art" where human beings need something soothing to appreciate. Art is able to describe the characteristics of a society and is able to explain the cultural changes and civilizations of life. Art shows the system of thought and human creative skill. This makes art a representation of life for a society.

Art is something that always gave people but complex to be defined. Art can make people look from the other side of habit, and help people to appreciate the beauty of the deeper feelings. Art is subjective in which anyone in the world can have a different point of view. Art gives freedom of thought and creative process in the form of beauty. Art also requires critical thinking and needs to be translated in a creative way in various forms. Humans understand art as a beautiful visual form. Activities such as drawing, carving, shaping or making prints produced by a person are seen as fulfilling the aesthetic value of the general public experience. Art not only appreciated from the involvement in creative development, but should be more concerned with understanding the content and educate about art.